What to expect

  • Every session begins with a welcome on zoom and any issues raised in this moment. 
  • Classes are recorded so if you would rather be off camera you can hide your video. 
  • Each session begins with a warm up and main workout. 
  • For best quality the music is streamed directly through zoom, great to keep you motivated!
  • We finish the session and you can go off and complete your own stretches and cool down or jump on your roller. 
  • Alternatively I have foam roller cool downs saved on my facebook page. 
  • You can expect to have a great workout and one that works the entire body. 

Who are the classes suitable for?

  • The classes are suitable for everyone. Beginners and novices, for those that are regular exercisers and even for those that want a challenge. 
  • Each exercise will have an easier alternative or a progression. 
  • I am pre and post natal qualified as well as being a mum myself so I can advise on which exercises are suitable for any issues. 
  • Everyone must complete a pre exercise form before they start classes and declare any new injuries so that I can assist you.

How does it all work?

  • For just £25 per month you will have access to 12 new workouts filmed each month, as well as bonus classes & featured guests.
  • The classes are filmed live via zoom and once you have registered you will find the zoom code to join the class in the members area. 
  • Once you are in the group with all the other members you then have access to all previous videos in weeks gone by.
  • Classes will be at the same time each week and if any change you will be notified in advance.
  • Classes are saved for two weeks and can be found in the “on demand” section of the members area on sign in. 
  • You will also be added to my private members facebook group with an additional 180 real time workouts available for you to use!
  • All videos are numbered and categorised as well as listed in files with the type of workout, time and kit needed.
  • There are also tutorial videos, Ab workouts, Yoga sessions, Roller sessions and fitness tests that you can utilise.
  • There will also be guest spots for other trainers to take classes.