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Lauren Whitby

I’m Lauren and I am a personal trainer and fitness professional with a passion for helping others change their bodies and their lives.

I became a fitness trainer in 2006 after being a keen keep fitter and being in a BodyPump class one day, I thought to myself “I’d quite like to do that”. So I went to night college and got my first qualification in circuit training.

Since then I’ve lived in Dubai and that’s where I really took it full time and joined an outdoor bootcamp company where I ran large bootcamps on the beaches every day.

In 2010 I returned from Dubai and set up my own outdoor fitness company, Bodyfit Training Solutions, which offered bootcamps, kettlebell classes, personal training and running sessions in South London.
I continued to learn and take courses in everything from Bulgarian Bags to Olympic lifting, Boxing & kettlebells.

My business was a great success and in 2018 my partner & I decided that we wanted to relocate nearer the sea so we bought a house in Dorset and I sold my lovely business.

Since having my daughter Luna in August 2017, I realised that my work needed to be a lot more flexible as I would be her full time carer.
I decided I needed a new business that was more online based and something I could run from home and still be around for Luna.
In late 2018, LaurenFiit was born. 

LaurenFiit vision

LaurenFiit was born out of a need for accessible online classes that cover a range of different exercise. 

I have been a huge fan of kettlebells for many years and I love to use them in my workouts as they offer diversity in training and provide impressive results.

I love strength training and resistance work and also high intensity interval training (HIIT). I infuse HIIT with kettlebells in lots of my workouts and they are well loved by the members!

I create classes that are not just clips but full length workouts, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes classes for all types of lifestyle.

I know when I was pre Luna I had lots of time to exercise but as soon as I had a baby my time suddenly became a lot more scarce. Even more so now she is 3. I wanted there to be classes for all kinds of lifestyle from those who like longer training sessions, to those that have 30 minutes between their children’s naps!

I want to build a strong community full of like minded people who enjoy MY type of training – building strength, and confidence along the way.

Organic growth is key to the company and I like to keep the classes interesting and fun at the same time as well as keeping the group well managed and maintained. 

Sometimes my daughter Luna makes an appearance, helping out with the exercises and sometimes my dog Frankie jumps in. This is my life and how I roll!

My Team


Lauren Estevez
Head honcho


Luna Estevez


Nino Estevez

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Tel: +44 7813 985 917

Email: lauren@laurenfiit.com

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