Dumbbells in a workout are great if you are trying to target specific muscle groups.
They are great at shaping the shoulders and upper back and these are my main focus when using them.
Using dumbbells allows you to isolate muscles easier and also identify weaknesses in your left and right sides.
I also use them for compound movements (where you are using the whole body) such as a squat to press.


Kettlebells are a really challenging workout and can be used to really improve overall strength and core strength.
I have had some fantastic results with kettlebells and so have all my clients. They are one of my go-to pieces of kit and I love to use them in a lot of my own training.
Kettlebells are extremely versatile and you can move and improve all planes of movement with them.
I advise you start with a light kettlebell (6-8kg), if you have never used one before.


High Intensity Interval Training is doing one exercise for short bursts and having small rests in between. The idea of HIIT it that the intensity is so high throughout that you only need to do 30 minutes of it! You are working in your aerobic & anaerobic zones which helps to speed up your metabolism and also improve your cardio and lactic thresholds. We use HIIT for most of our classes and incorporate different elements in each class. 

What to expect

  • Every session begins with a welcome on zoom and any issues raised in this moment. 
  • Classes are recorded so if you would rather be off camera you can hide your video. 
  • Each session begins with a warm up and main workout. 
  • For best quality the music is streamed directly through zoom, great to keep you motivated!
  • We finish the session and you can go off and complete your own stretches and cool down or jump on your roller. 
  • Alternatively I have foam roller cool downs saved on my facebook page. 
  • You can expect to have a great workout and one that works the entire body. 

Who are the classes suitable for?

  • The classes are suitable for everyone. Beginners and novices, for those that are regular exercisers and even for those that want a challenge. 
  • Each exercise will have an easier alternative or a progression. 
  • I am pre and post natal qualified as well as being a mum myself so I can advise on which exercises are suitable for any issues. 
  • Everyone must complete a pre exercise form before they start classes and declare any new injuries so that I can assist you.

How does it all work?

  • For just £25 per month you will have access to 12 new workouts filmed each month, as well as bonus classes & featured guests.
  • The classes are filmed live via zoom and once you have registered you will find the zoom code to join the class in the members area. 
  • Once you are in the group with all the other members you then have access to all previous videos in weeks gone by.
  • Classes will be at the same time each week and if any change you will be notified in advance.
  • Classes are saved for two weeks and can be found in the “on demand” section of the members area on sign in. 
  • You will also be added to my private members facebook group with an additional 180 real time workouts available for you to use!
  • All videos are numbered and categorised as well as listed in files with the type of workout, time and kit needed.
  • There are also tutorial videos, Ab workouts, Yoga sessions, Roller sessions and fitness tests that you can utilise.
  • There will also be guest spots for other trainers to take classes. 

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